Janakpur Art is an online gallery dedicated to Mithila Paintings.

Mithila Painting (also known as Madhubani art) is a type of folk art practiced in Mithila region of Nepal and India.

This genre of painting is no more a folk painting now a days, thanks to its popularity, it has gain global recognition.

When technically evaluating, Mithila paintings can be divided into five distinctive styles: Bharni, Kachni, Tantrik, Kohbar, and Godna.

These five different styles have been merged by contemporary artists.

The themes used in these paintings often revolve around Hindu deities like Krishna, Rama, Lakshmi, Shiva, Durga and Saraswati. And representing ritual content for particular occasions, including festivals, religious rituals, marriage, etc.

Also, heavenly bodies like the Sun and the Moon often form the centerpiece of paintings.

A 2500-year-old folk art, the history of Mithila paintings is said to date back to the time of Ramayana, when king Janaka asked an artist to capture his daughter Sita’s wedding to prince Rama.

As the former capital of the kingdom of Mithila, Janakpur has emerged as the center for both preserving and promoting this ancient art.

Please visit the Wiki for more information on Madhubani/Mithila Painting.


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